"Mark, built a custom map for my 2 valve 1200 Sport, over a period of about a year, using logging gear.
The bike has been transformed from and adequate method from getting from A to B. Now it goes like stink
from 2000 RPM all the way to red line at 8400 RPM, returns 5.1 litre/100km, and is an absolute joy to ride.
Highly recommended, Tony Mowbray"


"When I purchased my 06, G1100 the engine performed well but lacked the smoothness I thought it should have,
it also popped and farted severely upon deceleration. After Mark installed his modified map my bike has become a
'new bike' with much improved engine smoothness and no longer decel farting.
I am now much more happy to use the bike in town and in slow traffic, she is much happier in 'slow' mode.
The fuel use has also improved.
Very happy.
Trevor Marshall, Tasmania Australia.


Following the purchase of my new Griso in 2009, I thought the poor running would get better as it Ran-in but No, it got worse.
I tried a well-known Add-on Computer which failed a few times on trips and never lived up to the claims made by the manufacturer.
I found out about the Griso Maps By Beetle Via a forum and found the process very easy . What a difference , No more Hiccupping
at low rpm's, Much better power delivery and an increase in fuel economy. There has been a few upgrades to the maps since, each
being an improvement. I can't recommend an upgrade for your Guzzi more highly

Ron Hartwig
Aerotor Pty Ltd
Gladstone Qld


I have a 2006 1100 Griso and a 2015 1200 Griso. My wife has a 2013 V7 Stone. All 3 bikes have Beetlemaps in them. With each bike, the
transformation made by the Beetlemap has been quite pronounced. There is no more low throttle snatchiness, popping and crackling
with a trailing throttle or excessive high idle speeds when hot. Not only have the maps sweetened the bikes but there is a
significant improvement in fuel economy. The V7 map has dramatically shortened the warm up time, with the OEM map this was more
than 3 minutes or so before it could be ridden. Now, its start the bike, don gloves and helmet and ride off. Around town and Highway
cruising has been sweetened up and acceleration is now impressive. I must admit that prior to remapping the V7 I was not keen to ride
it, but now it is a hoot. I did have Power Commander in the 1100 and had it dynode to suit. This cost literally thousands of dollars
and only altered the fuel map. The Beetlemap modifies fuel, ignition, warm up and others , and costs a very small fraction of other
aftermarket maps. The maps are very easily installed. I can honestly, wholeheartedly recommend these maps. I can not fault them.
The use of these maps will result in sweet running bikes with better fuel economy.

Charlie Johnson


Mark custom-modified a map for me back in August 2014, and it transformed the bike completely.
I have a Griso 1100 that I bought with a Zard slip-on pipe. I'm in Florida, and have to put up with E10 (10% Ethanol) fuel.
At that time, Mark didn't have map for that particular configuration, but was happy to customise something similar.
He made slight modifications after I tested first version, and the bike is far better to ride - most noticeably at
part-throttle openings. The previous uneven response and flat-spots disappeared, and there is significantly more power
throughout the mid-range. I'd recommend this modification HIGHLY. For best results, pick out a 5-10 mile circuit of your
typical roads and riding, for testing before and after. Be completely honest with Mark about any existing modifications.
Then listen to his advice.... he persuaded me to give-up K&N filters !

Oh yeah, since I'm in the USA - home of way too many lawyers: Notwithstanding the aforegoing, all modifications are at the
owners risk blah blah blah. Translation for the rest of the world: As my Mother used to say to me: If you fall out of that
tree and break your leg, don't come running to me !



Mark's maps have transformed my 2012 GRiSO into the machine it was meant to be. He has painstakingly developed the fueling via
AFR recording and real on the road riding. He's made maps for most all the common exhaust upgrades for the mighty GRiSO and the
butt dyno doesn't lie. It's like riding on back of a pissed off mandirll, the smoothest power you'll get in a GRiSO!

And speaking from experience, his Stelvio maps aren't bad either...

- Steve
Seattle, WA - USA

2012 Moto Guzzi GRiSO 1200SE
2013 Moto Guzzi Stelvio NTX


Roller map with stock pipe, makes my bike a nice smooth thing, I may need to add some fuel to the closed throttle
to get some overrun pop back..



Since the launch of the W5AM equipped Guzzi range I had been in quest of a decent, reasonably priced, effective and non-harmful
way of dealing with the woeful mapping and consequent behaviour of the bikes for both myself and my customers.

To this end I subjected my own machines to a seemingly endless stream of plug-ins, add-ons and 'Tuning' accessories. Some were cheap
and awful, some were very much more expensive and still awful! The biggest issue though was that most of the people spruiking these
'Solutions' didn't themselves understand either how the engines worked or the ECU responded to inputs.

For me the electronics were a very dark area as my understanding of the functioning of the W5AM was at best sketchy and coloured by
numerous inaccuracies I was being fed by *Experts*.

Suffice to say that meeting Beetle was one of the most eye opening events of my last few decades. Here was someone who not only
understood the technology but also understood how the engines do what they do and why! It is this understanding coupled with god
alone knows how many hours work riding, logging, code writing and modifying, loading, riding, logging etc. with some dyno time
thrown in for good measure that have enabled him to develop a series of maps that, on a properly tuned machine, will revolutionise
their performance.

Note the aim is NOT absurd claims to huge horsepower numbers. Simply the promise of great economy, superb road manners and
torque and *Real World* performance to make your eyes bleed!

I feel honoured to have been able to get in on the 'Ground Floor' as it were and have learnt an enormous amount through having done
so. If there is ONE modification for greater overall performance of the engine I would recommend its installing a Beetlemap! Built by
someone who knows what they're doing, not a charlatan or carnival barker offering hollow promises at a champagne price.

Pete Roper
23,King St.
Bungendore.NSW 2621


Mark's map is the highest value/lowest cost upgrade I have made to my 8V Griso. The 8V is a great engine that suffers from the
restrictions of the poorly-done, one-size-fits-all factory map. The factory map causes rough running, snatchy acceleration, and
poor fuel economy. Mark's map for the Zard exhaust cured all of these problems for me. The alternatives on the market are
over-priced, cumbersome rubbish, many of which will damage your engine. Mark's map is the first upgrade I recommend to any
new owner of an 8V Guzzi.

Long Beach, CA


I've loaded a map from Mark for my 2010 griso with termi muffler.
WOW, totally transformed my bike from idle to full throttle.
Smoothness linear power and better fuel economy to top it off.
Ralf Zickar


"I picked up a 2015 Griso back in October of '14. With the stock map/exhaust, it ran hot, had a midrange hole, and had poor fuel
economy (31-33 mpg on the trip meter). I installed a Zard slip-on along with the Beetle Map that he has made available for the Zard,
and what a difference this combo has made! In a nutshell, the bike now responds to the throttle with zero glitchs. Quick warm up,
nice take-up right off idel without any snatchiness, and then just broad, steady, smooth torque all the way to red line, with no
peaks or dips. My Griso also now feels notably quicker than stock with these simple modifications. It exhibits no surging at
part-throttle, no popping on overrun, and best fuel economy I've seen so far is 49 mpg (US), admittedly on a gentle ride, but even
when ridden hard the F/E doesn't seem to suffer much. I can't recommend Beetle maps highly enough!"



Norge 1200 4V

Heute konnte ich das erste mal eine längere Probefahrt im Trocknen bei Temperaturen über 25°C machen, und musste feststellen
dass ich ein anderes Moped habe. :)
Das Klingeln ist komplett weg, und der Durchzug zwischen 3000 und 5000 U/min deutlich besser. Außerdem läuft sie im Kaltlauf stabiler.
Ob sie jetzt mehr oder weniger verbraucht muss ich noch testen, aber ehrlich gesagt ist das für mich zweitrangig.

So habe ich mir den Motorlauf einer 1200er vorgestellt, und für das Geld aus meiner Sicht die beste Investition in das Moped.


Mark was patient and informative of my requests for maps for both my 8v Griso with Agostini Pipe and my V7Racer with Mistrals.
He was approachable and quick to respond.
Having now installed both maps I can un-equivocally state that these maps are the single best value, bang for buck upgrade
I have done to any of the 30+ bikes I have owned previously. Both bikes have responded to the maps with smoother,more lively
and increased performance and efficiency. I can not recommend Mark’s maps and service more highly. I’d say more but I’m too
busy riding the hell out of my ‘new’ Guzzis.
Thanks Mark

-Luke Briguglio

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